Distillery Project in Orissa

7 Sense Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd has launched a 55KL/Day Grain Based Distillery Project in Orissa
Another marvel from 7 Sense Infrastructure! The 7 Sense Group has established a state of the art Distillery Project of Extra Neutral Alcohol in Orissa. The facility has the capacity of producing 55KL Grain Based Alcohol per day which will substantially cut down the necessity of importing spirit of the state from other states. The Distillery unit is a wonder of modern technology containing an IMFL bottling unit and a Liquefied Carbon-di-Oxide plant. At present, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh are the main suppliers of potable grade alcohol which fulfils the monthly need of Orissa state. Having this new 55KL/Day capacity Distillery in full operation, Orissa will be much more self-dependant of its need.
7 Sense has the year long experience and grass-root level market survey along with a most efficient team of professionals of every required field to produce the best desired requirements of the respected clients and make them more than satisfied.

7 Sense has established the modern Distillery in Orissa in view to:
Meet up at least 30% of Alcohol demand of the Orissa state.
Provide high quality alcohol for production of IMFL of Orissa and other neighbouring states.
Help the local economy by getting the easily available fuel(Coal/Rice Husk) for running the boiler.
Increase the local enterprising by drawing the feed stock and other things required.